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Best Time of the Day to Go Fishing

Fishing is not just an act of getting your rod, casting a line with bait, waiting, and catching a fish. The more amount of time you invest in formulating your own strategy, the better results you get. After all, the success after a fishing session is measured by the number of fishes you catch, not by the number of times you cast your line. One of the greatest factors that determine how fruitful your fishing session will be is the time you select to fish in. Yes, different time of a day brings different results in different seasons and weathers. Sometimes you may get just one fish or none, other times you can get plenty. When you pay attention to the best time of the day to go fishing, you usually return with plenty of fishes.

Best Time of the Day to Go Fishing

During Summer and Fall

Summers are characterized by high temperatures during the day and active insects. Both affect the ac

One of the best times to go fishing during summer is in the early morning. The temperature of the water is the lowest during this time so the fishes are quite active. Furthermore, there are fishes like Bass that see better in low light. So, they use this time to load up on food.

Therefore, it is the best time for you to go after them. Furthermore, insect-eating fishes are quite active at this time as well. So, you can target them as well. Now, different species are active for different reasons at this time of the day. You have to know what your target species is active for and you have to target the particular areas suitable for them.

Late Morning to Afternoon

This is the time when the fishes are busy looking for colder waters and not at all bothered by food. So, your lures won’t b able to attract them. During summer, the time between late morning and afternoon has really high temperatures and it is the most unproductive time for fishing.

Late Afternoon

This time of the day is very similar to the early morning. However, it cools down slowly rather than heating up. You will find this time to be quite productive for fishing.


Nights are, in fact, really great for fishing in summers. This is because the temperature is lower. You should not miss a moonlit night because as the fishes can see on these nights, your lures will be able to attract them as well.

During the Winter

The best time of the day to go fishing in summer is quite often the worst time to go fishing in winter. Let’s find out why.

Early Morning

The temperature of the water is the lowest during this time, so low that the fishes are quite inactive. This is why it is best to just wrap yourself in a blanket and complete your sleep on early winter mornings.

Midday (Later Morning to Afternoon)

The temperature is the highest during this time in winter. As a result, it is the main time when fishes go out in search of food and your lure can attract them. So, in winter, it is best if you go fishing when the temperature is highest with the sun out.

Late Afternoon to Night

Well, the temperature decreases again as the night comes. So, the fishes go to their inactive modes again. However, if you are ice fishing, even night time may be a good time for you to fish. Because the water beneath the ice is still warm at night.

During the Rainy Season

You probably believe that you have to pack your fishing gear as soon as rain hits. But, that’s not true. In fact, rain can be one of the best times to fish.

Midday Rain During Summer

In general, the time from late morning to early afternoon is the worst for fishing during summer. But, this is not the case when it rains. The clouds hide the sun behind them. Furthermore, the rain cools the water down.

As a result, the fishes are no longer desperately looking for cold water. But, they need to look for something so they look for food. And, this is why you can fish during this time. But, you have to use special techniques like using lively, noise-making baits, fish topwater, etc to land fish.

Let’s Watch a Video Review!

If you are surf fishing then it is not enough to just see if the time of the day is suitable to go fishing you have to check more factors. One of the most important things you have to check is the tide of the ocean.

Is the tide moving or is the water still? Apparently, still water is the worst time to fish in beaches or the ocean. You should always wait for either incoming tides or outgoing tide. It does not matter where the tide is going. As long as there is the tide, you are good to go.

Apparently, fishes in the oceans like to move around in moving tides. They are more active when the tide is active. So, there are mainly four times in a whole day when the tide becomes active. Check the specific times of the day from the local fishing store or other helpers in the area. Then, fish during that time.

To know about the best time to go saltwater fishing, please check this article on this website.

Final Words

If you look at the times of the day when the fishes are most productive or least productive, you will see the good reason behind them being so. In fact, if you were a fish yourself, you would do the same. It does not take much to study your enemy, does it? But just a few minutes of observation can give them away to you- where they will be an when they will be there.

These are important information to have when fishing. Now, you know about the best times of the day to go fishing in any weather. Use the knowledge and you will catch big ones!

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