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Best Time to Go Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater fishing itself is not the easiest kind of fishing. Firstly, you have to have the right gear or the normal ones will corrode due to the salty environment. Then, you have to be quite skilled at casting and retrieving because the saltwater fishes are surely not easy. This is why you have to use your intelligence and strategies made with it as an advantage. One of the best thing you can do is fish according to the best time to go saltwater fishing. Yes, there is not one but multiple best times in different seasons and conditions to go saltwater fishing. Fishes are not intelligent so they keep themselves busy paying attention to other things- like the temperatures, movements, and times of their surrounding.

The Best Times

Best Time to go Saltwater Fishing

The Movement of the Tides

One of the key influences when it comes to saltwater fishing is the tide of the saltwater. In fact, you always have to know the condition of the tide before going for saltwater fishing. It is best if you avoid the slack tide.

What is the slack tide? It means that the water is relatively still with not moving tides. Fishes are not active during this time so why go fishing then?

Instead, you have to pick the times when the tides are incoming or outgoing. Apparently, the moving tides move with the baitfishes in them. The predator fishes go after the baitfishes as a result of which they are also found with the moving tides.

Before going for saltwater fishing, you have to check the local tackle shop to see the tide times. Go on either of the incoming or outgoing tide times and find a good spot for yourself to fish from.

The Phases of the Moon

The moon affects two things in saltwater or the sea- lighting and the tides.

If the night has a full moon over it then the effect of the moon on the sea will be very strong. This will lead to stronger tides in the saltwater.

Furthermore, the moonlight will help the fishes see more clearly. As a result, they will be more active looking for food. So, moonlit nights are one of the best times to go fishing in saltwater. Other nights are great too, but moonlit ones are the best.

Before a Front

A front is a time when cool or warm air moves to the sea. Just before a front, the barometric pressure drops on the sea. At this time, the fishes go on a feeding frenzy. So, it is a good time to go fishing in saltwater. For example, another great time to go fishing is right before a storm. A storm is very similar to a front.

Time of the Day

Even the time of the day matters when you go fishing in saltwater. The whole day will not bring is equal results.

Early Morning

Early morning is one of the best times to go fishing in saltwater. In fact, the temperature of the water is just where it should be to keep the fishes active. You can say that the fishes get busy grabbing their breakfast in the early mornings. Furthermore, there are fewer fishermen in the early mornings.

Mid-day to the Afternoon

This is not the best time to fish as the temperature is at its highest in the sea. Furthermore, the sun is fully out so the fishes are busy looking for shelters and cold water, not food. So, this is the time of the day where you should not go for saltwater fishing.

Evening to Night

Evenings are very similar to early mornings. So, they can be a good time to go fishing. You already know about the nights. But, it can be a bit difficult to fish at night as you yourself won’t be seeing things very clearly.

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The Seasons

The seasons and the weathers that come with it also have a huge impact on what times of the day gives the best results.


The time when the sun is not fully out and the temperature is not very high are the best times to fish. For example, early mornings and at nights.


Most fishermen just give up fishing for the winters. Because winters are very hard to fish in seawater. It is extremely cold and you have more chance of catching a cold than a fish. However, there are certain species like bass that are easier to catch during winter.

Apparently, they become so inactive that they do not out up a fight when you catch them. But, you have to spot them out by finding the places they are in. That takes quite a lot of work.

Rainy Seasons

It’s best not to fish when there are thunderstorms. However, light rain is quite a good time to go fishing. The fishes are quite active, the sun is not visible, and the temperature is lower. So, you can consider rainy seasons to be a good time to fish in saltwater.

Cloudy Sky

A cloudy sky makes the saltwater fishes quite active. The sun cannot put its furious heat on the fishes so the fishes roam about freely in search of food. Also, the temperature is not that great. You can easily lure fishes in with your bait.


Just like tides, winds also bring bait fishes with them. As a result, the predator fishes also go after the strong winds. You should as well! Cast right into the wind and after a while, you will get responses.

Final Words

There are just so many things that affect how the saltwater fishes behave and when. The more you learn about these factors, the more you see reason and beauty behind it. Since you enjoy saltwater fishing, you should know how your target fishes behave at different times of the day and what makes them behave the way they do.

When you know all that, you can easily track them down. You are basically disguising yourself as a fish by knowing their secrets. So, the results will be much better as you are working as a spy.

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